How to order?

When interested in an item, please fill in the contact form and an invoice will be sent.


We accept:

– Bank-wire transactions.

– In some cases PayPal with an additionall fee of 8.5% to cover the expensive transaction fees.

– Creditcard or Mastercard.

– Before acquiring we advise you to read the conditions and terms of use first. After placing an order, you automatically accept our terms of use.

– Shipment takes place after confirmation of a payment receipt.



All our items will be shipped priority insured and professionally packed.

For priority- and courier-shipment the customer must sign for receipt.
Please note a telephone number on the form, in case of absence, the delivery company will be able to provide an alternate date of reception.

If the delivery company is not be able to contact you and your purchase could not be delivered, the parcel will be returned to our company. We will try our best to re-schedule the parcel again within 7 days. (costs are for the buyer)

We are not responsible for divergent delivery methods in other countries but will always try to coordinate the process from purchase to delivery.

shipping costs are included within the invoice.

Shipping will be executed within five working days after confirming of payment.

The buyer is responsible for custom laws and legislation within its own country or state.


All items are sold as antique collectibles and are not sold for functional reasons. The condition described is based on personal inspection and does not contain condition of functional firearms or actual use of the offered objects. Offered objects are obeyed under Dutch national laws regarding arms.

Return Policy

Returns are generally accepted within 14 days after receiving the purchase.

Return shipping costs are for the buyer.

When not satisfied about the purchased item, on what reason so ever, a refund will be possible in different degrees.

Total refund: Sales are final, but if there is any genuine fault in description or unseen condition issue, then the item can be returned within 14 days (buyer pays shipping costs).

Partial refund: When an item is damaged due to shipping or packing and the buyer wants to keep the item,
a partial refund can be discussed. 10% of the purchase amount is standard. A higher percentage is only possible after consultation.
Antiques by the Sea guarantees selling genuine and antique items.

CITES & endangered species:

Antiques by the Sea is against poaching and disturbing endangered wildlife in any way. We only sell CITES regulated items when they are pre-convention and including legal documents which are strictly valid within the European Union.

All objects are seen through the eyes of science and with historical context and don’t interact with any kind of political, racial or exploiting manner in any kind. We work with various scientific and legal institutions to substantiate the historical background of our works of art. 


Restorations are executed by the world’s leading restorers, each specialized in their own field. If there is a professional restoration, these are always mentioned in the product description.

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“We focus on a high quality standard for our items and a transparent approach, convincingly this to be the best way to invest in a long term relationship with our customers.”


We offer a selective range of oriental, tribal and ethnographic arms and armor which are presented in our seasonal catalogues.

We guarantee a high standard and an honest and reliable approach to our customers, which functions as a fundamental aspect for a long-term relationship.

Antiques by the Sea has provided museums and collectors worldwide to replenish or start their collection over the years and maintains to provide guidance and expertise in research and preservation of cultural heritage.

Consultancy & consignment

When you wish to inquire after an antique weapon or other work of art, we can be your consultant, perhaps purchase the item or help you selling it to a specific collector or collection, since we have a wide experience in importing and exporting antique arms all over the world. Next to that, your items can be appraised and if nescessery described professionally for selling purposes.

Wish to sell an item in consignment? Feel free to acquire any of these services on the contact page.

Antiques by by the Sea Enquiry

On a quest for a specific object? Antiques by the Sea has an extensive network of specialists around the globe. We’ll be honoured to help you.