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Ottoman Nephrite hilted Khanjar


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Antiques by the Sea was founded by Peter Andeweg, passionate dealer, researcher and expert on antique arms and armor. The fascination of antique arms is a true niche within the art market and shows a natural mixture of elegance, mortality and the finest craftsmanship within a culture.

Among those cultures involved are; Europe, Africa, the Islamic world, Asia, Oceania and cross-cultural objects influenced by colonial history or overseas trade. We offer a selective range of oriental, tribal and ethnographic arms and armor which are presented in our seasonal catalogues.

We guarantee a high standard and an honest and reliable approach to our customers, which functions as a fundamental aspect for a long-term relationship.

Antiques by the Sea has provided museums and collectors worldwide to replenish or start their collection over the years and maintains to provide guidance and expertise in research and preservation of cultural heritage.

Consultancy & consignment

When you wish to inquire after an antique weapon or other work of art, we can be your consultant, perhaps purchase the item or help you selling it to a specific collector or collection, since we have a wide experience in importing and exporting antique arms all over the world. Next to that, your items can be appraised and if nescessery described professionally for selling purposes.

Wish to sell an item in consignment? Feel free to acquire any of these services on the contact page.

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A Vietnamese Yem nguyet Dao polearm with lacquered shaft/ Nguyen Dynasty, 19th century.

“We focus on a high quality standard for our items and a transparent approach, convincingly this to be the best way to invest in a long term relationship with our customers.”