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Peter Andeweg, yours truly. We are Peter and Chantal Andeweg. We buy, sell and research antiques.

Our main expertise lays in ethnographic and oriëntal arms and armour from the 19th century and before. Due to years of study and handling, we gained extensive knowledge on ethnographic and oriental weaponry combined with a fine and selective taste for the rare and precious.

We provide collectors, fellow dealers and museums with carefully selected additions to their collection, provide guidance in research and offer insurance appraisals.

We focus on a high quality standard for our items and a transparent approach, convincingly this to be the best way to invest in a long term relationship with our costumers.

 About us

A Christian Nanban tsuba - Edo period

Consultancy & Consignment:

A Sosun Pattah with Nav Durga blade, 19th century


When you wish to inquire after an antique weapon or other work of art, we can be your consultant, perhaps purchase the item or help you selling it to a specific collector or collection, since we have a wide experience in importing and exporting antique arms all over the world. Next to that, your items can be appraised and if nescassery described professionally for selling purposes.

Wish to sell an item in consignment? Feel free to acquire any of these services on the contact page. 



Member of the Dutch Arms & Armour Collectors Society – Member of the Dutch To-Ken Society – Geregistreerd Register Taxateur bij het Verenigd Register voor Taxateurs

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